More About the Flags Designed by Günter Konvalinka in Austria

1. Description of the flag:

The design is derived from the family coat of arms in form and color. The flag is tripartite in a longitudinal sense, with the colors of the three fields being dark blue-white-dark blue (resembling the tripartition and coloring of the coat of arms - in some versions of the coat of arms the central field is light green, but as a slight, eye-catching and practical derivation of this, the white color is better suited for the central field). This longitudinal sense of the flag - as opposed to a diagonal sense as in the coat of arms - is chosen because of its worldwide spread and use. Just have a look at the national flags of our whole planet and you discover this being the most elegant version of a flag.

The central field contains the three stylized lilies of the valley, being centered exactly as in the coat of arms. The lilies themselves are red with a blue (the same color as the two outer fields!) center, this center being surrounded by a small white ring for eye-catching purposes. The blue center is again a small derivation from the coat of arms, but again "necessary," as it forms a connection to the outer-field blue and - for producing purposes - reduces the number of colors used for the whole flag to three (red, white and blue).

The colors itself are chosen to be shining - so the blue is a somewhat lighter variant as in the coat of arms (situated in between the US-blue and the light Swedish blue) and the red is the same as in the US flag (and in many other national flags as well).

I hope that this design is appealing to all Konvalinkas worldwide - as it does not resemble any particular national flag.


2. How the flag came into being:

Every country in the world has its own flag - especially if it has its own coat of arms. This simple fact came to my mind - rather accidental - as I had another look at our family coat of arms sometime last year. So I decided to design a flag, especially as there was enough space to hoist it properly in the garden of my home - and having enough wind during the year to actually see it fly.

Of course, taking international coat of arms and its derived flags into consideration, there were some variants for the design. One draft finally came into being (see Description of the flag) and I decided to give a special order to the main Austrian flag producing company - to be sure that the outcome would be properly made and the material being weather- and sun-resistant.

But what during nighttime? The only solution was a spotlight: It is wonderful to see the flying red, white and blue colors against a black night backdrop!

And if there is no wind at all? No problem, another flag is hanging unfurled in my guestroom, so anyone visiting our home is always reminded of our family's roots ... starting with our proud coat of arms and flag!

3. Any questions:

I am hoping that Konvalinkas around the world will be inspired and, if interested, be able to hoist this flag on their premises. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact GÜNTER KONVALINKA (Austria).


3. Another Idea:

Has anyone thought of a Konvalinka anthem (I am imagining a piece of music resembling those "happy" American marching tunes)? Perhaps there are others who have thought of this also ... and maybe even had some idea about music - or lyrics?   If so, be sure to contact Günter at the above email address