Family of Joseph Konvalinka (1824->1900)


Joseph Konvalinka b: September 1, 1824 in Chrast, Bohemia d: ?? (Wife's name unknown)


John N. Konvalinka b: May 1847 in Chrast, Bohemia d: May 1916 in Brooklyn, New York. Jane Lastname? b: November 1857 in Ireland d: December 1924 in Brooklyn, New York (?)
Joseph Konvalinka b: December 1848 in "Austria" Katherine "Katie" Lastname? b: April 1863 in New York
Anne Konvalinka b: Abt. 1850  
Katherine Konvalinka b: Abt. 1850  

(This information has been pieced together from various sources, including the U.S. census. We don't know yet how accurate it is.)

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