My Konvalinka Family


This page links to charts and biographical information about my immediate family.  In some cases we've included photos with the biographical information.   You may view the photos by going directly to our  Photo Gallery.

My great-grandfather, Jan [Nepomuk Josef] Konvalinka was born in 1822 in Chrast, a town about 100 miles east of Prague. ARCHIVEX*, the Czech Archives agency, recently found his birth record, as well as those for an older sister and a younger brother, plus the birth and death records for their parents and grandparents! Jan (John) was a furrier, as was his father. He emigrated to New York in 1849.

*to find out more about ARCHIVEX or to contact them, try,

or snailmail to:

ARCHIVEX, PO Box 38, Premyslenska 81, 18200 Praha 8, CZECH REPUBLIC, Attn: Mr. Ing. M. Stovicek.

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