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My mother, Loretto E Sanders Konvalinka (1896-1987), was a descendant of the Sanders family which migrated from West Wales and settled in Virginia in the 17th century. Because of the outstanding research done by another Sanders descendant, it's possible to trace the lineage of this branch of the Sanders family all the way back from West Wales to a Leonard Sanders who lived in the 12-13th century at Sanderstead, the Sanders family seat near London.

We made the connection to the West Wales branch of the family through a piece of good fortune. We've had a rendering [reproduced above] of a Sanders Coat of Arms in our family for generations. It depicts the three bulls' heads (vs. the three Elephants found on the Coat of Arms of a different branch of the Sanders family) and the motto "Invidere Sperno". In researching various Sanders coats of arms in Fairbairn's Armorial volumes in the British Library, the only time the "Invidere Sperno" motto appeared was in connection with the West Wales branch of the family.

On a trip to West Wales, we had the good fortune to make the acquaintance of a Sanders descendant who showed us "Pentre", the family homestead which was undergoing significant renovations under the direction of a new owner, and told us many stories of the Sanders family. He mentioned in an offhanded way that another U.S. Sanders descendant -- from New York -- had made some inquiries about the family. After some digging, he was able to produce the name -- and this turned out to be this gifted Sanders researcher, who not only knew our Virginia ancestors, but confirmed the linkage back to the West Wales Branch of the family -- and further back -- all the way to 12th century London.

The lineage of the 22 generations from Sir Leonard de Sandersted to my mother are believed to be as follows:

1 Sir Leonard de Sandersted b: Abt. 1175
2 Richard deSandersted b: Abt. 1200
3 Ralph Saundre b: Abt. 1230 in Charlwood
...+Daughter of Salaman b: Abt. 1230
4 Richard Saundre b: Abt. 1260 in Charlwood
...+Firstname? Collenden b: Abt. 1260
5 James Saundre b: Abt. 1290
6 Matthew Saundre b: Abt. 1320 in Charlwood
7 Steven Saundre b: Abt. 1350 in Charlwood
8 Thomas Saundre b: 1378 in Charlwood
...+Joan "Joanna?" Pollard? b: Abt. 1380
9 William Saunders b: Abt. 1415 in Charlwood,
Surrey d: August 10, 1481
...+Joan Carew b: Abt. 1415 d: 1470
10 Henry "
Wales Ancestor" Saunders b: 1455 in Ewell, Surrey d: 1518
.....+Joan "or Margaret" Lepton b: Abt. 1455 d: 1519
11 William Saunders b: Abt. 1500 d: 1571
......+Joan Ma/e/rston b: Abt. 1500 d:
October 28, 1539
12 Erasmus "Learned in the Law" Saunders b: Abt. 1540 d: 1603
.....+Jenet "Tender years" Barrett b: Abt. 1545 d: 1628
13 Philip Saunders b: Abt. 1577 in
Wales d: 1636 in Wales
.....+Alice Edwards b: Abt. 1580 in Tenby, Wales
14 Thomas "Theory 2?" Saunders b: Abt. 1610
15 Capt Nathaniel Saunders b: Abt. 1635 d: Abt. 1695
.....+Mary Stratton b: Abt. 1645 d: Abt. 1700
16 Nathaniel Saunders b: 1681 in UK-Wales? d: 1731 in K and Q County, Virginia
.....+Firstname? Watkins b: Abt. 1680 in
Essex County VA (??) Link to Watkins Fam History Society
17 John Wignall "Wynell?" Sanders b: Abt. 1706 in King and
Queen County, Virginia
.....+Frances V???? b: Abt. 1710
18 Robert Sanders b: Abt. 1740 in Va(?) d: Sept 1790 in New
Baltimore, Va
.....+Ann Nash b: Abt. 1740 d: 1812
19 Britton Sanders b:
June 26, 1773 in Fauquier cty., VA d: May 19, 1843 in Va
.....+Mary Love Gill b:
August 20, 1774 d: Nov 2, 1817 in Fauquier County, Va
20 Beverley Chunne Sanders b: May 14, 1807 in Pr Wm County, Va d:
December 25, 1883 in Newark, NJ
.....+Elizabeth Eleanor Hillen b:
October 22, 1813 in Baltimore, Md d: August 17, 1886 in Newark, NJ
21 Beverley Constantine Sanders b:
July 28, 1854 in Baltimore, Md d: March 13, 1934 in White Plains, NY
.....+Loretto Elizabeth Conway b:
Jan 15, 1868 in NY d: March 18, 1923 in NY
.22 Loretto Elizabeth Sanders b:
January 2, 1896 in New York, NY d: Nov. 12, 1987 in Virginia Beach, VA


Sanders-Tucker connections:

We are still exploring the relationship between these two families.  We believe there is a Sanders connection with a Professor at William and Mary College in the 1840's, Professor Nathaniel Beverly Tucker.  There also seem to be some connection with the Tucker family of Bermuda.  



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