Biographical Information for Stanley Brown (1880-1944)

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Obituary from the New York Herald Tribune, September 17, 1944:

Garden City, L.I. Sept 16-- Stanley Brown, engineer specializing in power plant and steam equipment problems, died yesterday in a New York hospital of a heart ailment after a short illness. He was sixty-three years old.

Born in Brooklyn on Nov. 8, 1880, Mr Brown was graduated from Columbia University in 1903. He was New York manager for the Weston Electrical Instrument Company; sales manager for Griscom-Russell Company, New York, and sales consultant for the Buell Engineering Company, New York.

His wife, Mrs Mary Moen Brown; his mother, Mrs Edwin H. Brown, a brother, Caxton Brown; a daughter, Miss Errol Moen Brown; a son, Warren M Brown, and two grandchildren survive. [actually there were five grandchildren.]

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