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My paternal grandmother, Clara Rose Konvalinka (1864-1940) was a descendant of the Roses of Kilravock (Scotland), a well documented family who trace their lineage back to the days of William the Conqueror and whose family seat (Kilravock Castle) is still standing and in use to this day.  (The original of the Coat of Arms at left is a fresco on a wall in Kilravock Castle.)

We knew that William Rose (1828-1902), our immigrant ancestor, hailed from London, and we knew a bit about his British roots, but nothing about the Kilravock connection. We established our linkage to that family only recently -- in 1992 -- through a piece of exceptional good luck, and the diligent efforts of a genealogist in a collateral family.

We knew that Anna Maria Rose (1815-1892), a sister of William Rose (hence an aunt of my grandmother's,) had married William Barraud, one of the well known artists of that family. (He is chronicled in the Dictionary of National Biography.) One of their granddaughters, Enid Mary Barraud (b 1904) was an active genealogist, and documented not only the Barrauds, but many of the families that had intermarried with the Barrauds. (She published much of her research in "Barraud -- the Story of a Family" in 1967.)

Several of her books and working papers are held in the Society of Genealogists in London. When I visited there in 1992 and checked their holdings, I came across the notation: "Rose -- see Barraud" and knew I'd made an important find. Enid had drawn an elaborate family tree starting with one of the "Lairds" of Kilravock, down to my great grandfather's generation, including a box labeled "William -- to USA"!

With further research, including a visit to Kilravock and discussions with Elizabeth, the current Laird and head of the clan, we have traced the Roses back to some very early beginnings including three knights who reportedly came with William and the Norman conquest. The complete lineage -- 26 generations -- between the earliest Rose and my grandmother is presumed to be as follows:

1 "Le Sire de Ros" b: Abt. 1020 d: Aft. 1066
2 Goisfrid "Godfrey" de Ros b: Abt. 1050 d: Abt. 1130
3 Goisfrid "Geoffrey" de Ros b: Abt. 1080 d: 1160
4 William de Ros I b: Abt. 1110 d: Bef. 1190
....+Matilda de Camville b: Abt. 1135
5 Alexander de Ros b: Abt. 1170 d: Abt. 1220
.. +Alice Lastname? b: Abt. 1170 d: Aft. 1242
6 William de Ros b: Abt. 1200 d: 1229
...+Muriel de Caversfield b: Abt. 1200
7 Hugh de Ros b: Abt. 1225 d: Bef. 1275
8 Hugh de Ros(e), 1st Laird of Kilravock b: Abt. 1250 in Geddes d: Abt. 1306
. +Mary de Bosco b: Abt. 1250 in Redcastle, Scotland
9 Sir William de Rose, 2nd of Kilravock b: Abt. 1270 in Geddes d: Abt. 1333
.. +Muriel "Lady of Killayne and Pitfour" Doune b: Abt. 1270
10 Hugh de Rose, 3rd of Kilravock b: Abt. 1300 d: Abt. 1363
11 Hugh Rose, 4th of Kilravock b: Abt. 1330 d: Abt. 1388
.... +Janet Chisholm b: Abt. 1330
12 Hugh Rose, 5th of Kilravock b: Abt. 1360 d: 1420
13 John Rose, 6th of Kilravock b: Abt. 1390 d: 1454
.... +Isabel Cheyne b: Abt. 1390 in Esselmont, Aberdeenshire
14 Hugh Rose, 7th of Kilravock b: Abt. 1420 d: 1493
.... +Moira Mackintosh b: Abt. 1420
15 [1] Hugh Rose, 8th of Kilravock b: 1453 d: March 17, 1516/17
..... *2nd Wife of [1] Hugh Rose, 8th of Kilravock:
..... *3rd Wife of [1] Hugh Rose, 8th of Kilravock:
..... *4th Wife of [1] Hugh Rose, 8th of Kilravock:
..... +Margaret Gordon b: Abt. 1450 d: 1506
16 Hugh Rose, 9th of Kilravock b: Abt. 1490 d: 1543
.... +Agnes Urquhart b: Abt. 1480 in Cromartie. [See Urquhart Home Page]
17 Hugh Rose, 10th of Kilravock b: Abt. 1515 d: June 10, 1597
.... +Katherine Falconer b: Abt. 1515 d: July 21, 1591
18 William Rose, 11th of Kilravock b: 1545 in Kilravock, d: April 8, 1611 in Kilravock,
.....+Lilias Hay b: Abt. 1550 in Dalgetty, Scotland d: April 30, 1632
19 David Rose, 1st of Earlsmill b: 1592 d: May 30, 1669 in Kilravock
.... +Christian Cuthbert b: 1615 d: September 18, 1658
20 James Rose, in Cullis b: Abt. 1640 d: Abt. 1721
.... +Jean Rose b: Abt. 1650 d: Abt. 1700
21 Alexander Rose b: Abt. 1685 in of Cullisse and Easter Urquhill d: 1753
.... +Elizabeth Rose b: Abt. 1690 in Coulmony d: Abt. 1760
22 James Rose b: Abt. 1720 d: Bef. 1773
.... +Anne Mackenzie b: Abt. 1720
23 James Rose b: Abt. 1755
.... +Elizabeth Fern(s) b: Abt. 1755
24 James Rose b: Abt. 1790 in England
.... +Sophia Scadgell b: Abt. 1790 in England (see Research Problems and Questions)
25 William "to USA" Rose b: Abt. 1828 in London, d: June 28, 1902 in Brooklyn, New York
.... +Catherine Anastasia Hanley b: Abt. 1840 in New York d: February 1911 in New York
26 Clara C. Rose b: July 15, 1864 in Brooklyn, NY(?)d: October 24, 1940 in Brooklyn, NY

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