Research Problems and Questions

(This page under construction; more to come)


1. Where did the "Wignall" in John Wignall Sanders come from?

2. Will the "Real" Joseph Konvalinka please stand up?

3. Who was Sophia Scadgell? (wife of James Rose)

4. Did Thomas Hillen Sanders and Isabella V. Hotaling have any children?

5. Any Living Descendants of Walter [and (Isa)Bella] Conway?

6. Where are the Palmer descendants -- Stuarts, Duvals and Ryans?

7.  What ever became of Ada Conway (wife of Joseph Conway?)

8.  Who was Janet Larcom(b)e?

Any help or input to these questions would be most appreciated. Professional researchers: we are willing to underwrite some paid research if terms, etc can be agreed upon in advance. Please email John Konvalinka with your proposal.


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