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Date: 12/3/97, from matjaz.konvalinka@fmf.uni-lj.si

While I was surfing Internet, I tried my own surname on the Internet search. I was more than surprised to find more than 3 000 pages consisting my surname (or at least its more or less altered version). I also entered your homepage. Since there are pieces of information about Konvalinkas in many countries but I did not see Slovenia mentioned, I decided to write to you to send some information about my own family.

My great-grandfather, Konstantin Konvalinka, was Czech and he immigrated to Slovenia while he was quite young. He married Masha, the eighth daughter of Janko Kersnik, a well-known Slovenian writer. They had three sons, Sava, Kostja and Vojan. I am sorry to say that I am not certain where the first, Sava lives; I think in Belgrade (although it would not be a problem finding it out). The other two live in Slovenia, one of them, Vojan, my grandfather. He married Marija (Marica, as she is now known as) Lakovich and had two children, Vojan and Janusha. Vojan Jr. is, as you have certainly figured out, my father. He married and later divorced Maja Lupsha, my mother, and has two children with her, Katja, my sister, and me. He later re-married, to Ksenija Skulj. They have one daughter, Nina.

We all live in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Probably you are not too interested in all these details, but I thought you should be aware of another branch of the family, living in Slovenia. I am of course not certain if we are of the same family anyway. Your own statement that there are more than 30 Konvalinkas listed in the Praga phone book diminishes this assumption.

But if you do know of the ancestors of Konstantin, my great-grandfather, I would be extremely grateful if you informed me about them. Since I am writing to you from my University, I would be obliged if you answered to my home address and not the one written above. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely, Matjazh Konvalinka


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