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Konvalinkas who came to North America


1. Jan [Nepomuk Josef] Konvalinka.  See "My Konvalinkas"

2. Joseph Konvalinka, brother of Jan [Nepomuk Josef] Konvalinka , born 1824 in Chrast, Bohemia. May have emigrated at same time as his brother, or later -- or not at all. If he did come to the U.S., he probably lived around New York. In any case, he was probably the father of the John Konvalinka who was in the fur business with Jan [Nepomuk Josef] Konvalinka , and of other children who lived in the U.S. (See Research Problems and Questions)

3. Joseph Konvalinka, born 1822 in Plané‚ Bohemia (near Radnice, a town about 14 miles NE of Pilsen.) Came to the US in 1854 with wife, and others (but no other Konvalinkas). Landed in NY, travelled to Iowa City by rail. Later, his grandson moved to Tennessee

4. Joseph Konvalinka, born ca 1840 in Bohemia near Prague [we think], emigrated in 1868. Children: Joseph born 1864 in Europe, Frank (born 1870 in Chicago, married Annie Bilek), George B., Barbara (Bocek) and Julia (Spindler).

5. William J. Konvalinka (born ca 1860) settled first Mason City, then Cedar Rapids, then Fort Wayne. Some of his descendants moved to Toronto, Canada

6. Firstname? Konvalinka, born ca 1860. Children: James (probably b Chicago), Frank, Ben, Sister1 (died young), Sister2 (Vicha).

7. Frank Konvalinka came here at age one from Czechoslovakia; [probably born around 1900 -- died at age 87] . Could he have been the Frank, son of #6 above? He and Mayme Barta had one son, Garry Frank Konvalinka who had no descendants and died [probably around 1985] at age 51.

8. Alois Ludovic Konvalinka, b ca 1856 in Nachod, Bohemia (100 miles NE of Prague. Emigrated to NY about 1885). May have been related to Joseph George Konvalinka, the author of several scientific pamphlets in the late 19th century.

9. Anton Konvalinka, b Mar 23 ca 1900 in Vienna. Wife Christa. Came to US in 1956; later returned to Austria, died there in 1986. Their son, Danilo Konvalinka is founder and owner of The Merry Music Box -- the Musical Wonder House, a museum of automated mechanical musical instruments, featuring a vast collection of music boxes. He is listed in several editions of "Who's Who in the East"

10. Vaclav Konvalinka, b 18??, Immigrated through New York 1900-1920; settled near Pittsburgh PA

11. Josepha L. Konvalinka, (1875-1953), daughter of Joseph Konvalinka (b 1848 in Scaliz, Bohemia) and Maria Schiel (b 1851 in Koenigenhof, Bohemia). She and her sisters (Antonia Konvalinka Spitzer, Anna Konvalinka Ruh and possibly a third sister) emigrated to the U.S. Josepha married Wilhelm Docekal (1870-1942). For information on this family link to: or

12.  Jaroslav Konvalinka, drove the "Freedom Train" out of Czechoslovakia in 1951.  See "We Stole a Ride to Freedom"

13.  From Megan Konvalinka:  "My father is Dennis Konvalinka and his father is Gerry F. Konvalinka.  [Gerry F] came to the U.S. when he was only 2 years old with his brother Frank and his mother, but his father (the immigrant ancestor) came over before them.  They settled in Fort Dodge IA."  [Could this be the same immigrant ancestor as ##5 -- William J. Konvalinka?]

14. Anton Konvalinka, born 1890 in Stribrna Skalice, Bohemia.  Not known when he came to the U.S.

In addition, there are a number of 1870 Konvalinka arrivals in New York listed in Volume 5 of Leo Baca’s "Czech Immigration Passenger lists" – Anna [age 9], Ant. [24], Anton [27], Barbara [6], Benedit [25], Franz [4], Franz [39], Joef [29], Johanna [23], Joseph [64], Josepha [14], Josepha [32], Maria [7], Maria [34], Maria [63], Maria [3], Marie [29], and Wenzel [4].

Also, in  New York City, there are birth certificates of Konvalinka children born in 1884 ["male"] and 1886 ["Bonumil"] to an Anton and   J/Johanna Konvalinka.

Finally, there are isolated references to Konvalinkas in US Census Records.  The 1920 census has  Joanna Konvalinka, age 63, born in Bohemia, with a son Jerry, age 36, born in New York; also a Bert Konvalinka, age 34, born NY, at practically the same address.  This is very likely the Joanna, "male" and "Bobumil" above.

Also in the 1920 census is a John Konvalinka, age 40, born in Moravia, living alone.


Konvalinkas in Other Countries

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Czech Republic:


Christoph Konvalinka, born 1985 form Tangerhütte, Germany, a Homepage about myself -




Matjaz Konvalinka []


"Notable" Konvalinkas:

Jan Konvalinka, PhD [1963-] -- distinguished scholar; Senior Scientist in Biochemistry at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague.   Also teaches biochemistry at Charles University in Prague.; He is also President, Czech National Committee of IUBMB [International Union of Biochemestry and Mollecular (and Cellular) Biology] and a recipient of a 1995 Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Research Scholars Program Award. His research group works on retroviral proteses, specifically on the protease of HIV -- "an enzyme that is important for the virus to multiply. If we could inhibit, block it, we can prevent the virus from spreading." Dr. Konvalinka is married and he and his wife Dagmar have two young daughters, Dorota and Frantiska.

Jaroslav Konvalinka, drove the "Freedom Train" out of Czechoslovakia in 1951. See "We stole a Ride to Freedom"

John P. Konvalinka, attorney and partner in the noted firm Grant, Konvalinka & Harrison, PC, Chattanooga TN.

Joseph George Konvalinka -- an inventor and writer, who published several pamphlets in he late 19th century on scientific subjects. Copies of many of these can be found in the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library and the British Library.

Karel Konvalinka, Author; composer; (1885-??); Brno, Czechoslovakia; Father: Josef, private employee; Mother: Bohunila; Spouce: Milada Bukovská. Education: Teachers' Seminary. Music Education: the teacher and conductor of the singing club "Smetana" in Neustadt, Moravia. From 1915 to 1932 he was a music pedagogue and since 1932 he is an editor of school broadcasting in the radio magazine in Brno. He is one of the first propagators of the Battke method for teaching in Czechoslovakia. His publications include: Choirs for men and women, songs chamber and music for orchestra; books: "Ceské lidové pisne", etc. [Source: "Who's Who in Central & East Europe 1933"]

Milos Konvalinka, (1919-) listed in "Who's Who in the Socialist Countries of Europe"

Robert Edward Konvalinka, born in Cicero, IL, December 3, 1917, president of Robert E Konvalinka and Associates, an authority in the field of water and water polution; he is listed in the 1979 Biographical Directory of the American Public Health Association.

Dr. Ira Konvalinka, Manager, PureData Research Ltd, Toronto co-authored (with Bogdan Filipic) a paper, "Knowledge-Based Spectrum Estimation"  at the 1989 Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

Catherine Konvalinka (age 8) was a swimmer in the 6th Annual Bunkey Lewis Memorial Mini-Meet in Rockville MD in May 1997.  (Catherine's younger sister Casey is also a swimmer!)


Other Konvalinka "Sightings" on the World Wide Web :

Bill Konvalinka 2380 Plesant Hill Rd., Sebastapool, CA 95472. - 707-829-1904. President, Northern California Fiero Club (TIW Systems, Inc., Santa Clara CA).

Jim Konvalinka, VP Operations/CFO, Consumer Products Marketing Group, Inc. Plano, TX

Betsy Konvalinka, Chief Operating Officer for the Global Market Risk Management Division of BZW (Barclay's Bank, London). See interview.

Marianne Konvalinka, head of Boise's Neighborhood Alliance (listed in an early 1991-92 edition of "Who's Who of American Women")

Phyllis Burkhart Konvalinka Memorial Scholarship in Physical Education and Health, established in 1988 by friends and family of Phyllis Burkhart Konvalinka, at Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN 37044

Keith R. Konvalinka, DDS, Kalamazoo, MI

Jeremy Konvalinka, Plano, Texas a top college football recruit in 1996; again at Arkansas State in 1997

Michael J. Konvalinka, U. S Air Force Logistics Management Institute McLean VA

Ken Konvalinka, General Manager Clinton Power Co. Whitewater, WI

Julie Konvalinka, Julie, Junior Microbology at Idaho State University

Reggie Plateo-Konvalinka is a full-time Accounting Faculty member at Centennial College School of Business in Toronto, Canada


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