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Who Was Sophia Scadgell?

My 2nd great-grandparents were James Rose and Sophia Scadgell, who were married around 1815 in the UK -- perhaps in London.

Scadgell is a very uncommon name (Skagel etc. are probably derivatives); there are not many references to Scadgells in the Society of Genealogists or the British Library (except for one ref in the BL to an E Scadgell, London Publisher, 1718.)

The surname is also spelled as SCAGELL and SKEDGEL.

The old card file in SoG does have some references, which all seem to be from Cornwall -- St Tudy, Lan Livery, St Sampson --in the 17th century. There are isolated referencess to:

Warleygran (sp?) 1632, Endfield (Middlesex?), Werrington (Devon - 1686), and Blisland. Parish Register 1710.

The London Record Office has one reference to a Scadgell:

Holborn, Middlesex BRA 513/46 (Richard Scadgell of Back Hill in parish of St Andrew Guildhall -- a carpenter -- in 1790 got a 91 yr lease Chalton St (Pl) SomersTown, part of Brill Farm in St Pancras Parish co Middlesex.

The only marriage licence found in Boyds was for a Wm Scadgell, marrying a M Thomsin Western in 1812 [pg 135 of the Devon volume] at a parish abbreviated as Rewe.

The IGI has two Sophia Scadgells:

1. Sophia Scadgell christened 31 OCT 1827 (too late to be  my  Sophia) at Clerkenwell, Spa Fields, Lady Huntingdon. Parents: Henry Scadgell and Maria ??

2. Sophia Scadgell christened 6-21-1782 at St Paul, Exeter, Devon. Parents Richard Scadgel and Mary Ann. THIS COULD BE  MY  SOPHIA!!

I have been in touch with three other Scadgell researchers:

1) Wesley E Barnes (pd81343@wapol.gov.au )

2) George Sarahs (jomangin@coolgold.com.au)

3) Margaret Townsend (margaret@colebrook.demon.co.uk)

4) Robin Scagell, who's also researching the family,  has created a Scagell page:


but have been unable to establish definite linkages. 

Two of the above correspondents trace their lineage back to the late 1700s in a Devonshire village called South Milton. A William Scadgell married Elizabeth ? and had two sons. George and John, both baptized on the same day in 1813.

George became a sailor and married an Elizabeth Dupen in St.Just-in-Roseland, Cornwall. They had 8 children. There was also a Nicholas Sharrock Scadgell born 28th. May 1848 in Bodriggy, Cornwall.  The family moved back to South Milton and he was baptized there at the age of 14.

Other information from above correspondents:

I am descended from JOHN SCADGEL who married HANNAH HANNAFORD at Southpool, Devon on 7th February 1781.

Children of John and Hannah: Mary 1782, George 1784, William 1786, Lidia 1788, Jenny 1790 and Sampson 1792. The first three were baptised at South Pool. Others were baptised at East Portlemouth.

Next Generation: William SCEDGELL married Elizabeth MARYFILL on 14th February 1809 at South Wilton and baptised the following children there: Mary 1809, William 1811, John and George 1816 (twins?).

Another line:

Henry SCADGELL born abt 1658 married Wilmott ? (Place of birth not known)
Their children were:
Joane born 18 Sep 1687 Silverton, Devon
Mary   2 Nov 1690   
Henry   25 Sep 1693   
Richard SCADGELL born 4th Sept 1684 Silverton, Devon; married Susanna TAPP

Daughter of Richard and Susanna: Elizabeth Scadgell  born 12 April 1722 Silverton, Devon,  married George Ponsford.

Their children were:
Mary SCADGELL born 6th Nov 1714 Silverton
Susanna  born 17th Aug 1716
Sarah  30th Jan 1718
Elizabeth 12th Apr 1722
Henry  10th Jul 1727  (Married Mary LENTON)

Their children were:
Richard born 1 Mar 1748 Silverton, Devon
Mary   1 May 1751   
Susanna   1 Jun 1753   
John   22 Oct 1756   (Married Grace HEXTOR)
    Child John SCADGELL born abt 1789 m. Elizabeth COURTNEY)
Henry   4 Nov 1759 
William   13 Oct 1765 


One theory we are currently pursuing is that Sophia could have been the daughter of the Richard Scadgell (born 1748 Silverton, Devon)   It's conjecture, but the dates and places seem about right.  We will need to research the Church records for St. Paul, Exeter.  They could reveal that Richard was married there, it may even have a record something like - Richard Scadgell, son of Henry, married Mary Ann.....daughter of ? If that could be established we would know we're on
the right track.




Any leads or information about  my  Sophia Scadgell -- or any Scadgell lines -- would be most appreciated. Please email  John Konvalinka

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