January 4,  2006:  A British granddaughter!  Sally Konvalinka Wray born today.  Click here for photo

February 7, 2005:  Two more Konvalinkas:  TWINS born today.  Click here for photo

February 2005:  Added Memorial Pamphlet for Charles M Konvalinka, who died in Canada on December 6, 2004

January 2005: Added Guenter Konvalinka's Flags - Flying and Unfurled.  Description of the Flags

October 2000:  Found the Duvalls!!

October, 2000:  Added my list of over 200 links to sites which will  be useful to genealogists:  List of Sites

July 26, 1999:  A great new link:  The Coaching Connection

June 12, 1999:  Found descendants of Joseph Konvalinka!!

September 12, 1998:  Added photos of the Family of John M Conway

August 2, 1998:  Found a wonderful B&B in the (French) Cognac region:

July 4, 1998:  Added Winslow Homer sketch of John Konvalinka (b 1858)

June 25, 1998:  The newest Konvalinka, Christopher David Konvalinka, born today!! Click here for photo

June 1998:  Added Sanders Coat of Arms to Sanders Home Page

May, 1998:  Found Konvalinka Immigrant Ancestor #14

April 8, 1998: Found Konvalinka Immigrant Ancestor # 13?

April 2, 1998:  Added link to Holy Family School 1947 Web Page.

March 31, 1998:  Photo added to material on John Sanford Weeks, WWII hero.

March 12, 1998:  Added link to Grant, Konvalinka & Harrison Web Page

March 9, 1998:  Biographical Notes and photo added for Beverley Chunn(e) Sanders

February 10-18, 1998:  Found more data on John J Conway and also updated the Conway Home Page.

Feb 16, 1998.  Beverley Constantine Sanders added to Photo Gallery.

February 9, 1998.  Updated the Will the "Real" Joseph Konvalinka please stand up?  (Research Questions and Problems)

December 16, 1997:  Our Photo Gallery is open!

December 1, 1997:  In Memoriam Elaine Brown Molé (1910-1997)



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